Patents: 2009/03154; 2009/02989; 2008/0587; 2011/00773

Kariba Safari Equipment CC

P.O. Box 94, Villiersdorp, 6848. South Africa
RSA Registration: CK 2007/238872/23
VAT Registration: 4280255151
Customs Code: 20932029

Producers, Distributors & Exporters of Kariba Products

Kariba Sales & Marketing: 
Elsabe Nel-Harries - Cape Town
Tel:     0027 (0) 21 511 9405 
Fax:    0027 (0) 866 140 164

Contact Person - Zainnoe Salie
Tel: 0027 21 511 9405
0027 (0) 866 140 164

Kariba Products Component Factory:
Manufacturer Under License
Melex Industrial
Leo Road, Diep River
Cape Town
Western Cape.
South Africa.

Kariba Products Assembly Factory:
Unit G2, Centurion Business Park
Democracy Way
Cape Town
Western Cape.
South Africa.

General Information:

The member/s of Kariba Safari Equipment CC reserve the right to produce, service and make alterations to any Kariba Product, appliance model, design, or manufactured unit/s and/or component part/s thereof, including making changes to product information/specifications as noted or published, add to or extract products offered, at any time it deems necessary to do so, without giving prior notification whatsoever of their intention to do so.

Goods Supply:

Kariba Safari Equipment CC will supply Kariba products to customers who agree to the conditions as noted in our standard  “Goods Supply Terms and Conditions” a copy of which is available on request to all customers.  Furthermore, Kariba Safari Equipment CC including our manufacturing associates and suppliers of component parts will not be held responsible for any miss use and or abuse by customer / operator of the Kariba appliances and products.   Please refer to our “Limited Warranty” as noted above.

Limited Warranty  Limited to within the borders of South Africa & North America Only:

Kariba Products aim to please our customers, therefore we guaranteed our appliances and products against faulty workmanship or defective component parts.   However, due to the harsh environments our products are used, we limit our commitment by offering our “Limited Warranty” subject to the terms and conditions as noted in this document.   Details can be downloaded as follows:

“CLICK” THIS TAB FOR “Limited Warranty” information

Having taken delivery of a Kariba Product, customers are requested to refer to the list of contents as noted in the Instruction Manual and Quality Assurance Certificate both of which are included in the supplied product package.   The Quality Assurance Certificates note the terms and conditions for the supply of our product.    Should any item/s be missing or damage be affected to the contents of the package, the facts are to be reported to the Kariba Vendor within 24 hours of the purchase by the customer.  The manufacturer recommends operators of our Kariba appliances to read the supplied Instruction Manual booklet in order to familiarize themselves with the workings of the gas appliance before connecting it to a gas bottle/tank or gas mixture canister/s.  After reading the instruction manual, customers are requested to test the appliance in order to confirm that it is working in good order and condition.  The Instruction Manual booklet should be retained for future reference.  To confirm customer satisfaction and register a warranty, customers are to email a signed copy of the “Quality Assurance Certificate” to details of which are also noted in the mentioned documents.  In the unlikely event of a malfunction, the facts are to be reported  within 24 hours of purchase date / purchase receipt date.   Warning: Failure to observe these instructions can result in an invalid claim.

Goods Returns:

Vendors of Kariba Products are to observe the Kariba Safari Equipment CC “Goods Supply Terms and Conditions”, and to relay the applicable procedures noted therein to their stores or outlets.   A copy of these terms and conditions of supply is available upon request from Kariba Safari Equipment CC.    For further information, please refer to our “Limited Warranty” as noted above.


Kariba Safari Equipment CC (manufacturer) including our Importers, distributors and vendors of Kariba Appliances and Kariba products hereby confirm:   No liability whatsoever will be accepted for any damage to property or injury sustained, including loss of life caused as a direct or indirect result of making use of or arising from the use of our Kariba brand of product.    The onus to make use of our appliances or products rests entirely with the customer/owner/user or operator.    In the interest of safety, adult operation only is recommended.   Kariba Safari Equipment recommends all operators to read and observe the supplied Operating Instruction Manual prior to making use of a Kariba gas appliance or product and to retain the instruction manual booklet for further reference.

South Africa - Customer Support Services - 0027 21 511 9405

North America - Customer Support Services – Call Toll Free +1866.703.1026

Exclusive IMPORTER – DISTRIBUTOR of Kariba Products & 12V DC Pumps for the United States of America:

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