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Fifteen years ago Kariba Products members designed the very first camping and outdoor mobile HOT Shower in South Africa.  The original Kariba Bush Shower also known as the “Bos Stort” was introduced to campers and 4x4 off-road enthusiasts.  A simple but compact gas operated appliance utilized to heat water on demand, showering and more application for use anywhere, and at any time.    This is what our original models K1 & K2 looked like in the year 2002-5:

The Original - Kariba Models K1 & K2 Bush Shower/”Bos Stort” & Cooker

These products appealed to most campers, 4x4 safari enthusiasts and overland expeditionary which have grown in popularity over the past years.  Technology and global trade has vastly changed since then and with it the development of our new models including improvements that have been incorporated in original models since their inception into the market place.  Many safety and user friendly features have also been incorporated in our products.   Ever since 2010 Kariba Combo products have been manufactured in terms of our Quality Management Manual (similar to that of ISO9000), having been tested and approved by SABS now known as (SANS – South African National Standards).  These exclusive models have further been certified by the Liquid Petroleum Safety Association of South Africa as safe LP Gas appliances, and sold by camping & outdoor stores, on-line stores, our Kariba USA associates in North America, including a number of importers and distributors in various parts of the World.   The Kariba development team and members of our organization are the world market pioneers of “camping hot water appliances”, leaders and experts in our field of expertise.   We striving towards product and service excellence having sold over 7,000 Kariba appliances in Southern Africa alone.  We thank you for your time and support and look forward to serving you.

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Unique HOT Camp Showers & Cookers

SPECIAL OFFER:  Kariba Combo – K2-EI 4.1L – Brushed Stainless Steel 

These appliances are made for outdoor use and tested by SANS for accreditation by the liquid petroleum safety association of South Africa.

Complete appliances packaged in strong storage boxes – Only requiring gas and water.

“What you see . . . is what you get”  (Cooking Pot not included)


Kariba Combo K2 EI 4.1Lwas designed with input gained from customers over the past twelve years.  The original concept and unique features of our Kariba Combo model K1-EI have filtered through to this model to render historic performance and reliability.    Added to this, more features have been incorporated in the design to offer a complete one piece dual purpose appliance manufactured for outdoors use, camping and overland adventures.   This user friendly gas appliance incorporates a powerful gas burner which is manually controlled for safety and reliability, and which includes an Italian made electronic “push button” flame ignition system.   The top body houses a copper fined heat exchanger which pivots upwards ninety degrees to reveal a cooker which can accommodate a large pot or pan for cooking.  This model delivers a controlled rising of ambient water temperature up to 45 degrees plus centigrade by adjusting the on/off gas control valve.  The gas control knob determines the flame height to the heat exchanger and which can deliver up to six HOT showers per hour.  During power outages at home, this model can also be used as a back-up to even run a bath or cook a hot meal.     The water supply can be connected to a conventional  hose from a tap if limiting the water flow to a maximum of 3.5L per minute.   The quality German 12V DC submersible pump kit supplied can be used to circulate water flow, and which is standard and included equipment.   The pump delivers 4.1L water flow per minute at a head height of two meters.  This pump can fit into a 20L water Jerry Can cap, and the water flow can be restricted when necessary.   This “all in one” appliance allows for a table top cooking application, showering, washing of dishes and clothing for example when being used outdoors and during camping.   The Kariba Combo K2-EI 4.1L is the flag ship in the Kariba Combo range of appliances, preferred by camper trailer owners, mobile homes and holiday home owners for its compact and unique features.     A worthy pioneer and a popular choice by customers of our Kariba Products range.  As this appliance is operated with LP Gas, responsible operation is advised.


SPECIAL OFFER:  R4617.00 exclusive of VAT – Delivered in any main city of South Africa.