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Fifteen years ago Kariba Products members designed the very first camping and outdoor mobile HOT Shower in South Africa.  The original Kariba Bush Shower also known as the “Bos Stort” was introduced to campers and 4x4 off-road enthusiasts.  A simple but compact gas operated appliance utilized to heat water on demand, showering and more application for use anywhere, and at any time.    This is what our original models K1 & K2 looked like in the year 2002-5:

The Original - Kariba Models K1 & K2 Bush Shower/”Bos Stort” & Cooker

These products appealed to most campers, 4x4 safari enthusiasts and overland expeditionary which have grown in popularity over the past years.  Technology and global trade has vastly changed since then and with it the development of our new models including improvements that have been incorporated in original models since their inception into the market place.  Many safety and user friendly features have also been incorporated in our products.   Ever since 2010 Kariba Combo products have been manufactured in terms of our Quality Management Manual (similar to that of ISO9000), having been tested and approved by SABS now known as (SANS – South African National Standards).  These exclusive models have further been certified by the Liquid Petroleum Safety Association of South Africa as safe LP Gas appliances, and sold by camping & outdoor stores, on-line stores, our Kariba USA associates in North America, including a number of importers and distributors in various parts of the World.   The Kariba development team and members of our organization are the world market pioneers of “camping hot water appliances”, leaders and experts in our field of expertise.   We striving towards product and service excellence having sold over 7,000 Kariba appliances in Southern Africa alone.  We thank you for your time and support and look forward to serving you.

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      Fully Automatic Water Heaters

Complete "Value Added" Packages designed for fitment to 4x4 Vehicles & Camper Trailers

SPECIAL OFFER: Kariba – Camper 5.5L ECO-Plus D.I.Y. Kit

This NEW fully automatic camping gas water heater is perfect for all camping options, off-road adventures and young families who can now enjoy a comfortable hot shower in the bush.   The Camper 5.5L ECO-Plus features a folding stainless steel handle for carrying or hanging, and is small in size when required to be fitted into a off-road vehicle or camper trailer.   This appliance features the latest gas technology, and is made for general ablution purposes for use outdoors and indoors in well ventilated areas.  Safety features include automatic on/off ignition, overheating sensor shutoff and electronic ignition powered by two “D” Cell batteries.   When the water flow is turned on the gas flame is ignited, and when the water is shut off the gas flame is extinguished.  The Camper 5.5L ECO-Plus has a maximum water flow rate of 6 liters per minute, and can be connected directly to a hose from a tap, or to the supplied pump hose of the German engineered 12V DC 5.5L submersible pump kit that delivers 5L (1.3 Gallon) p/minute.   These German quality pumps are powered when connected to a 12V cigarette lighter of a vehicle or 12V power supply, and are the exclusive pumps that can fit into the cap of a 20L water Jerry Can.    With the pump switched on, the water flow can be controlled from the valve on the shower head.  Temperature can be controlled from the water flow and flame height controls, both of which are located on the front panel of this appliance.   Whilst we recommend adult operation only, this appliance is safe for use by adults in accordance with the instructions supplied, and minors under adult supervision.  The body colour is coated in a black egg shell or charcoal grey and constructed from electro galvanized sheet metal coated in baked enamel.  The appliance is guaranteed for a period of six months against faulty workmanship or defective parts, fair ware and tare excluded.   The submersible pump is guaranteed for a period of 12 Months from date of purchase.  Both of these are subject to the terms and condition as noted in the Operating Manual and Quality Assurance Certificate supplied with the appliance    As this appliance is powered by gas, responsible operation is advised.

APPLIANCE SIZE (Approx.) Height 400mm x Width 300mm x Depth 150mm NB: Space must be allowed for all-round ventilation.    This appliance must be protected from wind and general weather conditions.


“What you read & see . . . is what you get” - Colours may differ

SPECIAL OFFER:  R2850.00 exclusive of VAT – Delivered in any main city of South Africa.